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praise & testimonials

Daniel A. King, Attorney

I’ve had the pleasure of being one of Michelle’s attorneys going back to 2010. She worked with me full time for two years back then and now again works with me on a contract basis. I can’t say enough about her skillset or her dedication to her work and her colleagues. Michelle is organized, driven, bright, and very experienced at just about everything it takes to make a practice run. She excelled at tasks ranging from handling thousands of pages of documents (both in paper and electronically), to preparing evidence and briefs, to managing sometimes difficult client interactions, to docketing and calendaring. She is also the kind of person who would show up at 5am on filing day, without being asked, because she knew I’d be there and I’d need the help. Michelle was my right hand, adeptly managing much of the operations of our firm independently.

Daniel A. King
Pioneer Law Group LLP

Marianne Waterstradt

As an 8 year practitioner in the field of law, I have encountered many people who I thought were competent and pleasant to be around. Of those people, Michelle shines above the rest. She is very thoughtful and knowledgeable; organized and looks for solutions to make an operation run more smoothly.

Marianne Waterstradt