For me, there has been nothing more challenging then sending my son to school. The moment you walk away, leaving your child in a room full of other little humans whose minds are pliable for the school system to educate, entertain and influence is terrifying.

You realize that there are so many things that are out of control now. There are things that your child will experience and be exposed to that you may have never wanted them to. You may not agree with the culture of the classroom or the school and there is that moment when you feel like maybe there is nothing you can do. Losing control, that is the hardest part of parenting. It’s harder than waking up every night to change a diaper at 2 a.m. It’s harder than potty training and late night drives to the the E.R. because someone stuck a bead up their nose.

I remember when I was pregnant and my mom told me that it’s as safe as my baby would ever be. I understand that now. Every day, when I kiss his little face and say a prayer that he will have a good day. I’m a little a sad and a little scared as a piece of my heart runs onto a playground.