Plans & Pricing

My services are priced at flat rates (monthly retainer or per project) with no hidden fees or surprise charges.


When compared to a traditional employee hire, the savings are clear. You pay no overhead charges such as rent, utilities, employee taxes or insurance.


The average employee wastes at least 30 minutes each day in the office, chatting with coworkers, checking social media updates, responding to personal emails and telephone calls.


I utilize a time tracking tool that not only screenshots my work, but also records mouse clicks and keystrokes, and is available for you to review at any time.


 A partnership with me means value for your business. My clients save thousands of dollars on annual costs by partnering me without the associated expense. I save your time and expense with my experience, professionalism and unique ability to thrive in a remote working environment.


I measure my success by your success, and guarantee quality, professional support for your organization. My business is supporting you so your business grows. I think of  your business as my business.


Back Office Support and Speaker Assistance Retainer Packages:

Pay As You Go
$65 per hour
2 hour Minimum


12 hours of support


24 hours of support


36 hours of support


Contract Paralegal Services: (For Law Firms and Attorney’s ONLY)

Retainer Agreement: $65.00 per hour plus extraordinary expenses
Flat-Rate Project for flat-fee for current/prior Law Firm or Attorney client’s only


Website Design:

Wix Design: Starting at $500

WordPress Design: Starting at $1000