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My mission is to give consumers an affordable non-attorney alternative to equally access the court system by empowering the self-represented to maintain control of their legal matters with our professional discretion and legal document assistance.

Most people can make intelligent choices without the assistance of an attorney, if they gain access to the proper legal information, and even the best self-help books can be confusing and overwhelming, not to mention outdated and not applicable to your state or local court.

The bureaucratic processes of our court system can make even the most educated and confident person feel overwhelmed and less than competent.

My experience and training can help you avoid becoming entangled in the court system that can be expensive, time consuming and confusing.

Many legal matters do not require the use of an attorney. In fact, you can handle many common legal matters yourself and sometimes there are significant benefits to remain “unrepresented” or “In Pro Per”.

I can help to guide you to the proper legal information and resources, at your request, for your particular situation so you can make your own educated decisions. I assist you with completing the necessary forms or documents and with filing them with the appropriate courts or agencies. I can provide you with information to guide you through the entire process of your matter.

I understand that dealing with legal matters can be a time of great anxiety and stress.

I offer a professional and confidential environment for you to make life changing decisions.

I do not dispense legal advice or practice law. I cannot tell you what you should do.
I can provide you with explanatory materials and resources written or approved by an attorney or the court.
I can prepare the necessary forms and documents.
I can file the forms and documents with the appropriate courts or agencies.
I can refer you to quality attorneys when you need legal advice.
I can coordinate with quality attorneys to assist you with your court appearances.
I can assist you in preparing for court appearances.
I can help you choose an attorney for your matter, if necessary.

In the event that I cannot assist you or your situation requires legal counsel, I will refer you attorneys who can provide you with the necessary information you need to make your decision regarding your situation or to an attorney who can represent you.

• Legal Document Preparation
• Contract Paralegal for Attorneys Only
• Virtual Legal Assistant Services for Attorneys Only
• Notary Services
• Court Filing and Research